Confd compile fails for ietf-isis.yang with -F options with some features

Command passes if add all the features :
Confd/bin/confdc -c --annotate ietf-isis-ann.yang --deviation eci-isis-dev.yang -o ietf-isis.fxs --verbose --fail-on-warnings -F ietf-isis:bfd,overload-max-metric,auto-cost,multi-topology,nlpid-control,graceful-restart,lsp-refresh,admin-control ietf-isis.yang

If I tried to remove three features ( bfd , multi-topology and graceful-restart.) from command :
…/…/cml/confd/kvm/Confd/bin/confdc -c --annotate ietf-isis-ann.yang --deviation eci-isis-dev.yang -o ietf-isis.fxs --verbose --fail-on-warnings -F ietf-isis:overload-max-metric,auto-cost,nlpid-control,lsp-refresh,admin-control ietf-isis.yang

If fails with “Internal error”. Please suggest.

Share the YANG model and annotation + deviation models if you still need help with this. For example, you may have some dependencies that get unresolved or similar. Can only guess without your setup.

Thanks cohult. Figured out the issue. The deviation files has some changes related to BFD and multihop. once removed those changes. It works good.