Confd hanging on make start in lxc container


I am trying to run confd example 5-c-stats in lxc container. and make start command hangs.

[root@confd5 5-c_stats]# make start

Killing any confd daemon and ARP confd agents

…/…/…/bin/confd --stop || true
connection refused (stop)
killall arpstat || true
arpstat: no process found
…/…/…/bin/confd -c confd.conf --addloadpath …/…/…/etc/confd

The same works if I run in a VM. It hangs only in lxc container. Can somebody please help what could be the issue?


Try make all and make start.

You have to first build arpstart process, which is missing now

Thanks prasanthrp for the response. This problem exist in centos lxc container. The same works fine with ubuntu lxc container.