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ConfD ignores duplicate value of item in a restconf body

Hello Folks,

when i send duplicate data in the body of post request in restconf, confd ignores duplicate item. it considers one item. That is good, but this behavior is optional ? can i change this behavior ?

here is the sample body data:
“routers”: [“”, “”, “”],

confD ignores duplicate values and it just takes one ip address. it’s “”

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That behavior is not optional, and the reason is that it is not ConfD invention, this is how the standards require ConfD to behave. The routers element is obviously a leaf-list, and it is a hard requirement that values in a leaf-list must be unique.

You can change your data model though and model routers as a list keyed by an sequence number or a name or the like, with a leaf ip-address; in such case the addresses can duplicate as you please.