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Confd is crashing with "Internal error: Supervision terminated"

Hi, we are using confd 6.7. Recently we have been seeing numerous authenticationFailure traps not being sent and the following message being printed to stdout.

Confd finally crashes with **"Internal error: Supervision terminated"**

**STDOUT** (logs are very frequent, more than one per second)
** [2021:01:15 00:23:36 437] SNMP MASTER-AGENT INFO ***
   Trap not sent:

connection refused (debug_dump)
"Internal error: Supervision terminated\n"^M
"Internal error: Component terminated (application_controller) ({application_terminated,capi,shutdown})\n"^M

devel-snmpa *encryption error: priv protocol*:

That looks like a resource leak to me. Are you able to throttle the amount of traps to be sent to check if the system is able to recover/release the resources when it is given some more time?

Btw. when you write that you are using confd-6.7, does it mean 6.7.x or really 6.7? The revision 6.7 is a bit dated already.

The issue was seen on all confd versions (eg 6.7, 7.3.2 etc)
Is there a reason why we are seeing “encryption error: priv protocol” ?

I’m not sure about trap throttling. We have setup an snmp trap target that takes v2 traps.

I’ve noticed that when snmpagent restarts confd crashes with Internal Error : Supervision Terminated.

The snmpagent can restart on changing snmp version, localengineid etc


Any update on why we are seeing “encryption error: priv protocol” ?

(also correction in above message, we are sending v3 traps to the target with authPriv security level)


There is not much that can fail during aes_encrypt, so I would assume this error is a consequence of other problems.