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ConfD is stuck in the phase 0 for too long


In my case, ConfD7.7.3 was started in the foreground, but it was stuck in the phase0 for too long, at least 3 minutes, the related logs are shown below.

- ConfD phase0 started
devel-c New daemon connected (name: notification_sender, daemon id: 0)
devel-c New worker connected (daemon id: 0 worker id: 10)
devel-c New worker connected (daemon id: 0 worker id: 11)
=ERROR REPORT==== 13-Aug-2022::10:50:43.339043 ===
capi_server:2215: capi_server proto_request exit:{noproc,
                                                infinity]}} for
devel-c Internal error on API request

From the application’s point of view, it failed at confd_load_schemas which always returned error -1 during several times tries.

It seems like ConfD needed more memory to use than before, after increasing the assigned memory from default 500Mi to 1Gi, this issue doesn’t occur anymore.

Could you have a look at this issue and give me a hint to find the possible cause? Thanks.

Which version do you compare to?
There might have been some changes, but it will be easier to point you into right direction having some baseline…