Confd_load does not support json format

confd_load -F json is supposed to output data in JSON format but it’s not.

Here is example of output I got executing: confd_load -O -F json -p /operational

operational {
	system-time 2021-07-17T15:09:04-00:00;
	test        1;
	artist {
		paint orange;
	arpe if1 {
		hwaddr    11:22:33:44:55:66;
		permanent true;
		published false;
		stat 1 {
			name     one;
			counter  32;
			turnedOn true;
		stat 2 {
			name     two;
			counter  132;
			turnedOn false;

If you try to validate output against JSON standard the validation fails.
I am wondering if there is a way to have output in truly JSON format.

$ confd_load -O -F o -p /operational
When in doubt, the source code for the confd:_load command is available at: