Confd_load taking time for larger xml file

My application built with HA. Its n+1 architecture

After application redundancy switch-over ,application will invoke (along with corresponding failure node configuration id ) /usr/bin/confd_load -l -r init1.xml

/usr/bin/confd_load -l -r init1.xml – This is taking 27 sec

Size of init1.xml file - 7.4Kb

If I invoke /usr/bin/confd_load -l -r init.xml at initialization of process, and while switch over If i call /usr/bin/confd_load -l -m init1.xml, its taking 200ms.

I had figured out load with -l -r during init, and after switch over call -l -m . This solution resolves my problem.

But the requirement is that standby node should not contain values in CDB when application is in standby role.

Is there any method to empty CDB after app init. ??

Please let me know

What is the purpose of having a standby ConfD instance without CDB replication?
If you don’t want CDB to be replicated then don’t start ConfD in the Standby mode.

It’s n+1 cluster application. I don’t want contact for sync between active to standby. Because after fail over standby could take over any among n active nodes…

My question is that after fail over when trying load failed active node configuration taking good several seconds. I used via Confd_load