Confd_load Usages

Hi All,

I need help on, restoring cdb database using confd_load command at any point of time…

I have tried following stetps

  1. taken zero.xml at no-configs

[root@it-ipfe log]# confd_load -F x zero-config.xml

  1. created few configs manually in config mode and taken another xml file

confd_load -F x current-config.xml

  1. Then I have added some more additional configs manually
    Now My requirement is I want to restore the current-config.xml which I have taken at step 2

I tried to restore it using load “-l” option

confd_load -l -F x current-config.xml

which is not succeeded due to following error
Error:- “confd_load: 673: maapi_apply_trans_flags(sock, tid, 0, aflags) failed: external error (19): /router-dcl:network/vrf{test}/interface{ppp 2 access}/vrf-if-id: Vrf interface with id 2 already exists”

I believe that its trying to add existing configs again so its failed then I have tried with -D option delete and load even then I am facing same problem

can any one help how I can restore the configs Using confd_load. ???

Try to add “-d -d -m” flags for debug output from the confd_load tool, and to do a “merge” of the configuration instead of the default “delete and replace”.
Use the “-D” flag if you want to delete all config before loading the new config.
See confd_load -h for details.
If that doesn’t work, check your external database implementation, since you are not using CDB.

whats best way to reduce confd_load time ?

time confd_load -l -r initial_config.xml
real 0m21.210s
user 0m0.001s
sys 0m0.004s

size of initial_config.xml file : 7885

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