Confd_load utility not working

Hi Confd Team,

I have my device running fine with some configurations.
My requirement is I need to bring back device with previous configs(backup taken in configs.xml using “confd_load -F x > configs.xml”).
Now I am applying the below command:
confd_load -l -F x -f configs.xml
I can see error here:
[root@pl-ipfe-1_3_0 ~]# ./confd_load -l -F x configs.xml
confd_load: 673: maapi_apply_trans_flags(sock, tid, 0, aflags) failed: external error (19): application error

How do I solve this ?

Thanks in Advance,

Hi Kamal,

It seem like your external data provider / external DB application (hence “external error”), that was registered via ConfD’s DP API, is broken. See devel.log for more details.

Hi cohult,

Can you please elaborate your answer a bit please?

You go first, reproduce your issue and post your ConfD developer log, and let’s take it from there.
Remember to set <developerLogLevel>trace</developerLogLevel> in your confd.conf.

Note that I already replied to your other post on this topic: