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ConfD Long Term Support

Dear Team

Good day.

I see that ConfD download link is restored now (Software Download - Cisco Systems). With respect to ConfD premium version Release 7.8 End of Support is 1 Dec 2024 whereas 7.7 End of support is 1 Jan 2026.

Is there a plan to enable download link for ConfD basic/premium for release 7.7 which has long term support?

Or any visibility on next ConfD release which will have long term support in near future?

Please let know. The information will be crucial to approach our management further.


Balaji Shankaran
Senior Architect
5G RAN Products

Hi Balaji,

I believe “long-term support” for “ConfD Premium” is something you should discuss with your Tail-f Cisco contacts Contact Us | Tail-f Systems

Best regards