Confd_notification API callback: distinguish between config and operational data?

I am successfully using the confd_notification API in C to receive confd_commit_diff_notification events for logging and record-keeping, as shown in the confd_notifications.c example code.

This is a very flexible and powerful API. One thing that I have not been able to determine, however, is how to make the notification handler determine whether the notification event was for config data or operational data. In my use case, I am not interested in any notifications about operational data. How can this be determined at the time that the notification event is received by the handler?
I have the path of the element being modified. Is there a way to easily determine whether it is operational data? Thank you.

The diff notification handler gets called with a “struct confd_trans_ctx *tctx” argument.

I tried examining this structure and found an element “enum confd_dbname dbname”. This enum can have values such as CONFD_RUNNING, CONFD_OPERATIONAL, etc.

However, even in cases where I receive a diff notification for a CDB element that is operational data, the tctx->dbname field still contains CONFD_RUNNING.

Is there no way to determine whether a diff notification is for operational data vs. config data?