ConfD Premium no longer available? Future of ConfD?

Hi guys,

I spoke with one of the ConfD reps who said ConfD Premium was no longer being offered and that no paid support for the product was available.

We were looking at ConfD as well as other alternatives for our NETCONF service, including rolling our own implementation. Just wondering what Cisco’s plan for ConfD is.

Would hate to spend a bunch of developer time building a solution only for Cisco to pull the rug on this project, especially as it appears only the core confd binary is freely distributed, but not the source code. Only code i’ve seen are for examples on how to integrate with ConfD.

Your first sentence answers the question which you are asking.

ConfD Basic 8.0.x is the last branch being released. ConfD Basic should not be used for new projects. ConfD Basic will be going away.

Hey thanks for this information jlawitzke. This is good to know.

I thought Cisco purchased tail-f to acquire NETCONF capabilities for their platforms and that all existing NETCONF capabilities on Cisco products was a result of this acquisition. It’s interesting that Cisco would take the product in this direction.

Unfortunate. I was very excited about what I saw from the product.

If this is the case, do you have any other recommend NETCONF server implementations you recommend? We are trying to shorten developer time.