Confd release schedule for basic version

I found the official ConfD Release Schedule | Tail-f Systems, but it doesn’t say when a basic release will be available. The available basic releases right now (confd-2 - Cisco DevNet) are 7.6, 7.5.2 and 7.4.3.

How often are basic releases done? I cannot find any basic 7.7 ( ConfD 7.7 Release Highlights | Tail-f Systems) release yet.

What I know, the basic version is usually released after some time ConfD Premium is released. But as you pointed out, seems like ConfD Basic 7.7 is not released yet.

And none of the 7.6.x (7.6.1 etc) releases are available either. It is a bit hard to know when a new basic version can be expected.