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Confd returns internal error for certain strings when leaf has tailf:cli-multi-value and tailf:suppress-echo

I have a leaf node of string type in which both “tailf:cli-multi-value” and “tailf:suppress-echo” are defined.
When I configure this node with values that has quotes and space, then confd throws internal error.
But when I remove “tailf-suppress-echo”, this error is not seen and the value gets configured successfully.

Samples for which confd gives internal error.
OS(config)#description ‘this string’
Error: internal error
OS(config)#description “thisalso”""
Error: internal error
OS(config)#description first" "
Error: internal error
OS(config)#description first" "
Error: internal error

Enclosing the entire value inside double-quotes works.
But, in my understanding, when tailf:cli-multi-value is set, then double-quotes is not required.
Please help in understanding why internal error is sent by confd for these strings.

There must be something more in your setup, simple string leaf with both tailf:suppress-echo and tailf:cli-multi-value works fine. Or maybe it’s ConfD version? Several 7.x worked fine for me.

You should not get “internal error”, so it is a bug that you do. But quite often it is caused by that ConfD does not handle properly a condition that is caused by a bug in a user application. Check your logs, especially the developer log, maybe there is more.

Thanks for your response.
I’m using ConfD Ver Was there any fix in related area in 7.x versions ?
I couldn’t find any error log for this case in devel log / other log files.

Yes, it turns out to be fixed in 7.1. The fix has been backported to some 6.x branches too, but they are all beyond their maintenance life, so maybe you should migrate to something newer anyway.

Thanks a lot for your response.