ConfD Should Support Example Client App Development Environment

Hello Experts,

You know better than me, But i want to give humble suggestion.
You know that confD doesn’t make sense without client app which consumes confd APIs such as subscriber or action callback and so on.

in that case, confd can support client app development enviroment. it can be an example.
But it contains only necessary lib file and it must use CMake build environment ?

What do you think?

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The point of ConfD examples is to show how to use the ConfD APIs, not how to use it with a particular build tool. Every project integrating ConfD might employ a different build tool in its own specific way, so showing a particular build tool being used in a particular way would quite likely be useless.

Hello Mr.mvf

Yeah i know that, there is an example and there could be specific way to implement from customer point of view.
But you know that, CMakeList is an conventional and best practise. Maybe There can be just Cmake Example.
Because as i believe that many companies use CMake build system.

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Usually, integrations with external implementations are added to the repository. So if you or someone else want to contribute a CMake build system demo example, a pull request with such a demo is likely welcomed.

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Hello cohult,

It’s seem interesting, i’ll have look at that. Maybe, who knows, We’ll build a task force about this topic.

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BTW, a demo where a cpp application integrates with ConfD using the libconfd API library can be found in that GitHub repository under “dp-yang-push”

This is what can help you to convert Makefile to CMakeList.txt