Confd show running issue

Hi Team,

I am facing this issue wrt show running.

NAT_S-ubuntu# show running-config
Aborted: permission denied

From audit.log file I can see below log.

<INFO> 10-Feb-2021::22:10:37.238 NAT_S-ubuntu confd[4329]: audit user: root/56 CLI denied 'show running-config'

There is no issue in my config and it is successfully done, but no able to see that using show running.
Any help here is appreciable.

Thanks in Advance,


Your NACM setup seems to only permit “read” access for the “show running-config” CLI command.
You need to permit “exec” or “*” (for both read and exec) access to be able to execute the command.
See ConfD UG “Command authorization” for more details.


@cohult, Thank you for the info, our issue has been resolved.