Confd Socket connection from "CLI" rejected

Dear Team

During local software upgrade we are seeing below highlighted error in confd_devel log. To be note, confd version is same 7.2. Sometimes Confd comes up properly after restart by clearing our external DB configs, sometimes not. Can you please provide your guidance, what is going wrong.

confd[1465]: confd embedded apps in phase1: []
confd[1465]: confd embedded apps in phase1_delayed: []
confd[1465]: confd embedded apps in phase2: []
confd[1465]: confd Socket connection from “CLI” rejected - probably due to ConfD being in phase0 or service not enabled in config file

Thanks in advance.


For this type of issue you likely want start with checking the error log and developer log (trace log level) for clues on why ConfD did not start properly.

Ps, please address issues to the forum, not to individuals like myself.