Confd start with initialization file

In a current design, for some reasons, the confd initialization xml file will be generated through a script. There may be some tricky case that the initialization xml file may not match with the new schema 100%.
I do some simple tests and I can see if there is mismatch, the confd start will fail and I can see the detailed error message where the mismatch it is.

I just wonder in this case, does confd provide the option like “try it best” during start ? If there is mismatches between initialization xml and confd schema, it just loads what it can loads instead of fail the confd start ?

Thanks in advance.

I am not aware of such functionality, and I doubt there is one; to me it sounds like it goes against the ConfD principles, such as that if the smallest part of a configuration is invalid, the full configuration is refused as invalid.

I suggest you invest a bit into generating valid initialization files. There are tools out there that can help you with that; you can convert YANG modules to DSDL and validate or even drive the generation of your XML files using that.