Confd subscribe hit when value is set to default schema valu

When I set a boolean leaf value to its default value, I hit the MOP_MODIFIED callback. How to avoid this?

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by set do you mean e.g. setting value in CLI or programmatically (e.g. with maapi_set_elem function)?
Did the leaf already had default value or did it have some other value, before setting to default.

MOP_MODIFIED should not be received for leaf, but for a list informing that something inside list was updated.

A descendant of the list entry given by kp has been modified.

In my schema i have a leaf

leaf enable {
    type boolean;
    default true;

From the CLI when I set this field to true again, I hit the MOP_VALUE_SET( apologies for the mistake above- It’s not MOP_MODIFIED) When by default the value for enable leaf is true, I was expecting “% No modifications to commit” when I try to set the value to default value again from CLI.

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Thanks for clarification.

If you set some value (even same as default value) to leaf, it is not considered default, unless you specify this in confd.conf, option /confdConfig/defaultHandlingMode.

See ConfD User Guide, section confd.conf for clarification.

You may try to add to your confd.conf following line:


which would lead to behavior you expect.

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Thanks a lot… I shall try it :slight_smile: