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Confd timezone and the system command `date` show different timezones

% set system timezone Etc/GMT+2
[ok][2022-06-21 03:19:36]

% commit
The following warnings were generated:
‘system timezone’: Changing the timezone will restart core services
Proceed? [yes,no] yes
Commit complete.
[ok][2022-06-21 05:19:50]

% show system timezone
timezone Etc/GMT+2; # Etc/UTC
[ok][2022-06-21 05:20:03]



Tue Jun 21 05:21:18 -02 2022
We have set the timezone as GMT+2 and the date shows GMT-2
How to fix this?

I assume that the timezone config is implemented by your own proprietary YANG model as for ietf-system.yang the path is /system/clock/timezone-name, or that you have made some CLI customization.
I also assume that you are referring to the /examples.confd/linuxcfg example.

Etc/GMT+2 is equal to -2 under ISO 8601

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