Confd_trace log issue

In the confd_trace logs , it shows the Id values in the logging.
Previously it use to show the correct ID defined for it.

TRACE CALL data get_elem(thandle=41,/tag<1371013494>/tag<2003714718>{srtp-oam-aug:sr-tp none}/tag<675523230>) (“srtp-oam-aug:sr-tp”) --> CONFD_OK
TRACE CALL data get_elem(thandle=41,/tag<1371013494>/tag<2003714718>{srtp-oam-aug:sr-tp none}/tag<1868966101>/tag<67773323>{1}/tag<1772286288>) (“1”) --> CONFD_OK
Can you please help what changed ? How can fix it ?

try checking if you have YANG schemas loaded in the application where you try to print logs…
e.g. condf_load_schemas() or maapi_load_schemas() depending on your usecase…

Yes , I think all Yang schema are loaded properly. I am able to configure and get the attributes also.
Is there any command where i can check , if it’s loaded properly or not ?

well, i assume the trace you printed is from some external daemon using libconfd - and messages like “tag<1371013494>” usually indicate schemas were not loaded in daemon;

I’m not sure what you mean by “I am able to configure and get the attributes also.” - can you give some explicit example? e.g. some calls to specific procedures, and input/ouput?
Having schema available is not mandatory for e.g. reading/writing data via MAAPI calls. when you use keypaths in string format etc.

I see this error in confd_traces.log
TRACE Connected (maapi) to ConfD
INTERNAL ERROR: Failed to decode data
TRACE Connected (dp) to ConfD
TRACE Received daemon id 0
TRACE Connected (dp) to ConfD
TRACE Connected (maapi) to ConfD
TRACE Connected (dp) to ConfD
TRACE Connected (dp) to ConfD
TRACE Received daemon id 1

Can you please suggest the issue here.

What version of ConfD are you using?.
Recently we have seen errors like that when users are modifying a ConfD built in YANG model, for example confd_dyncfg.yang. The UG says: “Note: The confd_dyncfg.yang file in this directory is implemented by ConfD and should therefore not be modified. If modified, ConfD may behave unpredictably."
I.e. you are on your own.

The version used 6.4.
Recently we added some new standard yang files.
But confd related Yang’s are not updated or touched.
Is there any logs which can describe more details on the error.

6.4 was released March 2017, and a couple of years ago there was an issue with this type of error message where schema loading would fail if a YANG module augmented a notification into another module. I suggest you move to a later version of ConfD.