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Confd_trace log issue


In the confd_trace logs , it shows the Id values in the logging.
Previously it use to show the correct ID defined for it.

TRACE CALL data get_elem(thandle=41,/tag<1371013494>/tag<2003714718>{srtp-oam-aug:sr-tp none}/tag<675523230>) (“srtp-oam-aug:sr-tp”) --> CONFD_OK
TRACE CALL data get_elem(thandle=41,/tag<1371013494>/tag<2003714718>{srtp-oam-aug:sr-tp none}/tag<1868966101>/tag<67773323>{1}/tag<1772286288>) (“1”) --> CONFD_OK
Can you please help what changed ? How can fix it ?


try checking if you have YANG schemas loaded in the application where you try to print logs…
e.g. condf_load_schemas() or maapi_load_schemas() depending on your usecase…


Yes , I think all Yang schema are loaded properly. I am able to configure and get the attributes also.
Is there any command where i can check , if it’s loaded properly or not ?


well, i assume the trace you printed is from some external daemon using libconfd - and messages like “tag<1371013494>” usually indicate schemas were not loaded in daemon;

I’m not sure what you mean by “I am able to configure and get the attributes also.” - can you give some explicit example? e.g. some calls to specific procedures, and input/ouput?
Having schema available is not mandatory for e.g. reading/writing data via MAAPI calls. when you use keypaths in string format etc.