ConfD User Community Forum e-mail has been fixed

Hello everyone!

You may have noticed that for the past 3 weeks, the ConfD User Community Forum has not been sending out e-mail notifications. First, I would like to offer profound apologies to everyone from the Tail-f/Cisco ConfD team. We truly regret that it has taken this long to recognize, diagnose, and fix this problem.

Allow me to explain what happened. The SMTP sending service which we had been using for the forum software was discontinued and stopped operating on April 27. Unfortunately, we were not notified of this change and did not have advance notice in order to take the proper steps prior to this service discontinuation. It took us several days to realize that there was a problem. Then, since we were unaware of the discontinuation of the SMTP sending service which was being used, it took a while to figure out why e-mail were not going out. Once we knew the “why”, we were able to begin a fix. Selecting a new SMTP sending service took some time. In order to get the new service operating required some DNS record updates. The process of filing the IT request and getting it fulfilled took some time as well.

I have gotten all the necessary changes in place and testing has shown that e-mail notifications are now flowing from the forum again.

During the time in which e-mail was down, the functionality which was affected was sending of e-mail notifications and message digests. Users could still log directly into the forum and read and post. The biggest functionality which was down during this period was the ability for new users to register and begin to submit posts since an e-mail verification response is involved.

Again, please, accept our most profuse apologies for this problem having occurred and any problems which you may have experienced as a result it. We are taking steps to insure that this does not happen again.

Thank you,