Confd with OpenSSL 3.0 FIPS Module

Is there a version of Confd that will work with the new OpenSSL 3.0 FIPS Module?

I have read through the “Confd For High Security Applications” document and see that it references OpenSSL FIPS 2.0.16 (with openssl 1.0.2).

There is no released version of ConfD that works with the new OpenSSL 3.0 FIPS module. This isn’t yet on the ConfD roadmap.

Is there an update on the plans to support OpenSSL 3.0 with FIPS? Several new versions of Linux distributions are shipping with OpenSSL 3.0 by default (e.g., Ubuntu 22.04).

I tried disabling FIPS when building the, but I’m still seeing an error when starting confd.

make FIPS_LIBCRYPTO=no crypto
make install_crypto
=ERROR REPORT==== 22-Dec-2022::14:52:55.901736 ===
Unable to load crypto library. Failed with error:
"load_failed, Failed to load NIF library: '/opt/confd/lib/confd/lib/core/crypto/priv/lib/ undefined symbol: FIPS_mode'"
OpenSSL might not be installed on this system.


there are no current plans to support OpenSSL 3.0.