/confdConfig/cli/allowOldStyleModeCmds (boolean) [false]

/confdConfig/cli/allowOldStyleModeCmds (boolean) [false]

allowOldStyleModeCmds is either “true” or “false”. If set to “true” then CLI commands in I and
C-style are interpreted as mode commands if the path coincide with a list in the data-model. The
recommended way to mount commands in a submode is instead to use the “mount” attribute.

/confdConfig/cli/displayEmptyConfigContainers (boolean) [true]

displayEmptyConfigContainers is either “true” or “false”. If set to “true” then ‘show status’ in the J-
style CLI will display empty lists that are “config true” even when there is no data to display. If set
to “false” the those containers will not be shown

/confdConfig/cli/reconfirmHidden (boolean) [false]

If set to true the user will have to re-confirm non-echoing values in the CLI. Ie, when the CLI prompts
the user for a value that is not echoed the user will be asked to enter it twice.

/confdConfig/cli/dequoteHidden (boolean) [false]

If set to true the value that the user entered will be unquoted, ie if the user enters \n it will be interpreted
as a newline. This is the default behavior for all other leaf types. If set to false then no unquoting will
be performed for hidden (non-echoing) data types when the CLI explicitly prompts for their values.
Dequoting will still be performed for values entered directly on the command line.

/confdConfig/cli/enumKeyInfo (boolean) [false]

If set to true the CLI will add the text keyname:enumeration whenever it is displaying a completion
list for entering a key value that is an enumeration. For example:

I can not very understand these nodes, can you further explain these nodes .
Thanks !