/confdConfig/cli/wrapPrompt (boolean) [false]

Can you take an example for the nodes ?

/confdConfig/cli/wrapPrompt (boolean) [false]

wrapPrompt is either “true” or “false”. If “false” then the CLI will not automatically word wrap the
prompt when prompting the user for some input. If set to “true” then the prompt will be word-wrapped
according to the current terminal width.

/confdConfig/cli/sortShowElems (boolean) [true]

sortShowElems is either “true” or “false”. If “false” then the show commands will display the elements
in the order they appear in the data model. If set to “true” then all non-lists will appear before the lists.
This setting only applies to the C- and I-style CLIs.

/confdConfig/cli/showDescription (boolean) [true]

showDescription is either true or false. If set to false then the Description: xx text will not be displayed

Thanks !