Hi team,

after source confd, in palnning to start confd. But getting below error. How to resolve this error. please give me a solution

bin/confd $ confd
Bad configuration: /home/gmre/bin/confd/etc/confd/confd.conf:0: Cannot access directory /home/gmre/bin/confd/var/confd/cdb, defined for /confdConfig/cdb/dbDir
Daemon died status=21

Short answer: I’d suggest that you start with trying out the examples in the intro section, to learn how ConfD is normally started and how to provide data models (YANG modules compiled to .fxs files) to it - running ConfD with only the data models included in the installation isn’t very interesting.

Long (and probably less useful) answer:

You normally give the -c option to the confd command, to tell it which confd.conf file to use. If you don’t, it will use $CONFD_DIR/etc/confd/confd.conf, which was generated from confd.conf.example in the same directory at install time, and has paths that point to your installation tree. The things they point to should also have been created at install time, I don’t know why they don’t exist in your installation - perhaps you have removed them, or copied only part of the installation?

Anyway, the generated confd.conf file may or may not be useful to you, but if you want to use it and it gives errors as the one you quote, you need to go through it, and either change the paths to point to existing directories that you want to use, or make sure the directories specified in the file actually exist.

For the specific error, your /home/gmre/bin/confd/etc/confd/confd.conf file has


and you need to either change that, or create the directory.