Config false configuration and XML structure

How do I change ‘config false’ leafs and update the values in my server so when a client make get-config command he will get the updated value?
how do I hold config false parameters in an XML structure for my server to configured?

leaf state {
  type enumeration {
    enum DISABLED {
        "array carrier is not active - transmission of signal is disabled.";
    enum BUSY {
        "array carrier is processing an operation requested by change of active parameter.
        When array carriers is BUSY the transmission of signal is not guaranteed.";
    enum READY {
        "array carrier had completed activation operation - is active and transmission of signal is ongoing.";
  config false;
  mandatory true;
    "Indicates state of array carriers activation operation";

Start with the ConfD UG Chapter "Operational Data"

A couple of useful ConfD examples to start with:

  • examples.confd/intro/5-c_stats
  • examples.confd/intro/13-c_stats_push

More examples:

  • examples.confd/dp
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A couple of useful appnotes:

A few useful demos:

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