Configurational callpoint

I have a netconf server with a yang model which has configurational data.
There are validation callpoint and two-phase subscriber defined for that. But I also need a callpoint while reading that leaf (get-data operations)
Are there any way to do that?
Thanks in advance

it really depends on what you want the “callpoint” to do → just transform the value that is actually given to user, or do something else?

for the first case, there are “transforms” that allow to change/modify structure of data.
Potential problem is that it’s not “in place”, but transformation of data that exists “someplace else” in YANG model, so it may not fit your use-case completely…
(details/examples in chapter user guide chapter 12 - transform)

My config data source is stored on remote. I want to ensure that there is not any consistency when reading leaf. If I have a get intercept, I can read remote data and check with leaf value, and update if not equal.
I will check chapter 12 transform