Confusion about confd.smp

What is command

/opt/confd/lib/confd/erts/bin/confd.smp -B -A0 -- -root /opt/confd/lib/confd -progname confd -- -home /nonexistent -- -boot confdc -noshell -noinput -s confdc run -- -extra -confddir /opt/confd --yangpath /opt/ad

stand for?

I didn’t find anything about confd.smp on user guide, would you mind explaining or pointing a doc for me to look up for? Thanks.

When you run $CONFD_DIR/bin/confd which is a shell script that 'exec’s $CONFD_DIR/lib/confd/erts/bin/confdexec, which does a pipe + fork, and in the child process exec()s $CONFD_DIR/lib/confd/erts/bin/confd.smp, which is the actual ConfD daemon, i.e. Erlang VM.

If you go through the $CONFD_DIR/bin/confd shell script, you will see how confdexec is being used to start the confd daemon.