Connection refused when i attempted to make module 1 from the bookzone module

Has anyone tried to setup the bookzone module from the network programmablity with YANG book? I get connection refused | stop error. Please assist anyone. I have pasted the error below

Build complete
# Shutting down the confd daemon and indirectly any confd agents
/home/reuben3010/confd-8.0.6_2//bin/confd --stop || true
connection refused (stop)
/home/reuben3010/confd-8.0.6_2//bin/confd -c confd.conf --addloadpath /home/reuben3010/confd-8.0.6_2//etc/confd

The connection refused (stop) output is printed when you try to stop the ConfD daemon with confd --stop when there is no instance of ConfD running.
Luckily, the Makefile, in this case, adds || true after the confd --stop. Adding || true ensures that the resulting compound command always exits with status zero, so the script doesn’t abort.

I.e. confd --stop || true makes sure there is no other ConfD instance running before starting ConfD and does not abort the script if there is no ConfD instance that needs to get stopped.