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Conventions for Documentation and Model Exposure

Hi all,

I am fairly new to Netconf protocol and currently reading standards and trying to figure out conventions. I have 2 questions:

1- I have seen that some vendors provide a documentation describing possible Netconf actions (i.e. how to change device name) and regarding XML request/response pairs. Some vendors do not provide any documentation at all. It can be said that as YANG models are accessible per Netconf session, an extra documentation is not required as long as YANG models contain sufficient descriptions inside. What is the conventional approach? Is it expected to have a separate documentation with examples or are YANG models the document’s itself?

2- As far as I understand from standards, server shares all loaded YANG models with client. In contrast, I have seen some ConfD features to hide models (even specific containers I guess). Except access control topic, I don’t see any reason to hide some of the models. Again, what is the convention here? Is it common to hide some models, for instance non-config models like type definitions or standard (i.e. IETF) models?


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  1. Describing NETCONF/RESTCONF interfaces using the YANG models is usually sufficient provided that you add, for example, description statements where helpful to the user of the interface.

  2. You can use the tailf:export extension to have YANG models used only internally over MAAPI or the CDB API, or want to expose YANG models over other northbound interfaces, e.g. SNMP but not NETCONF.
    Note that the tailf:hidden extension only hides leafs etc. over the CLI and JSON-RPC (intended for webui) interfaces, not over NETCONF/RESTCONF.