Copy-config operation getting access-denied error with url filetype


I have enabled url capabilities with file type .

when i do copy-config with url getting access-denied error . i dont have any config to deny rpc operation . Below are my config . Let me know how to debug and what is the issue with file type.

.conf config


============my config===========

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> file:///my-new-cfg.xml ]]>]]>

===========nacm rule==================

admin 9000 100 $0$admin /var/confd/homes/admin/.ssh /var/confd/homes/admin oper 9000 100 $0$oper /var/confd/homes/oper/.ssh /var/confd/homes/oper public 9000 100 $0$public /var/confd/homes/public/.ssh /var/confd/homes/public private 9000 100 $0$private /var/confd/homes/private/.ssh /var/confd/homes/private 0 \h> 15 \h# exec 0 exit action help autowizard enable startup 15 configure permit admin admin oper oper public admin admin any-access permit any-group * tailf-aaa-authentication tailf-aaa /aaa/authentication/users/user[name='$USER'] read update permit tailf-aaa-user tailf-aaa /user[name='$USER'] create read update delete permit tailf-webui-user tailf-webui /webui/data-stores/user-profile[username='$USER'] create read update delete permit

Need some clearification . why am getting access-denied .

Copy config is discussed in this thread