Cursor Apis usage and keysOwning

Hi ,
I decided to use cursor Api for a case , where I do not want to iterate through al the 200 entries when only one is entered.

So , using cursorInterface and Init with a pathstring and then did cursor->GetNext.

cursor = transaction_context->MaapiInitCursor("/container/list");


My Cursor-> is always “0” , what could be the reason ?

And ,
std::vector<ConfdValueInterface*> v = {cursor->keysOwning()};

I assume that my vector v has the key for that MaapiEntry.Is it correct ??

It appears that you have your own custom C++ wrapper around ConfD’s C API, it isn’t clear to me what does keysOwning( ) do. You can refer to examples.confd/misc/maapi_cli for an example usage of cursor with the C API.