Data provider callbacks in another thread than which owns control socket

Implemented action points for show, in new thread. In this this action calling maapi_cli_cmd3 to start a command in cli session. This is calling init transaction in the main thread where control thread is registered. using confd_trans_set_fd to one of the worker socket which is being listened by another thread. It is not getting called. It is returned with ,

DEBUG item does not exist - no cli session
143: maapi_cli_cmd returned: -1

If we use the worker socket, listened by same thread as control thread, then this is working fine. Can you please suggest , what can be done here.


Not quite following your description but perhaps you want to use confd_action_set_fd() instead of confd_trans_set_fd()?

See examples.confd/intro/9-c_threads and UG Chapter “Actions” -> “Action as a Callback” -> “Using Threads” and Chapter “The Protocol and a Library Threads Discussion” -> “Operational Data”