Deadlock detected during cdb_get_values

Hi Team,
We have a leaf for which transform point is attached as shown below.

        leaf sampleLeaf{
          type tailf:des3-cbc-encrypted-string;
          tailf:callpoint sampleLeafCP {
              tailf:transform true;

As part of transform call point get_elem call back function handling, we are using cdb_get_values to get the data.
We have a scenario where leaf (which is having transform point attached to it) gets queried around 4000 times back to back and during this we are facing deadlock issue every time.

******** **DEADLOCK detected for sysID 84**, task CPX ********
Wed Nov 02 11:03:17 2022 Backtrace Stack frames: 19
1  /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ :  __read+ 0x44
2  /opt/sonus/sbx/tailf/lib/ :  **read_fill**+ 0x37
3  /opt/sonus/sbx/tailf/lib/ :  term_read+ 0x2c
4  /opt/sonus/sbx/tailf/lib/ :  op_request_term2+ 0x122
5  /opt/sonus/sbx/tailf/lib/ :  cdb_vget_values+ 0x92
6  /opt/sonus/sbx/tailf/lib/ :  **cdb_get_values**+ 0x7d
7  /opt/sonus/sbx/openclovis/bin/CE_Proc :  GET_ELEM_CALL_BACK(confd_trans_ctx*, confd_hkeypath*)+ 0x180
8  /opt/sonus/sbx/tailf/lib/ :  + 0x23a22
9  /opt/sonus/sbx/tailf/lib/ :  confd_fd_ready+ 0x21c2

Could you please let us know if we are missing anything.


Hi, A developer log with log level “trace” may shine some light on what the issue could be.