Debug commands in ConfD

Hi Team,

How can we implement debug commands via ConfD CLI for any particular service, any previous references or examples will help.
For example, If a user wants to turn ON crypto related debug commands and later turn them OFF when debugging is done

“singlebox# debug crypto session” and “singlebox#no debug crypto session”

Thanks in advance!

In order to add the debug commands as you have described, you can refer to the following sections of the ConfD 6.2 User Guide regarding how to add CLI commands:

Chapter 16.21.2: Adding new commands

Chapter 16.24: User defined commands in C using C-API

Chapter 16.25: User defined commands as shell scripts

In addition, you can also refer to the cli_command and c_cli examples in the cli folder of the examples.confd directory that is available in the ConfD Premium release.

If we want to send the “debug message” string to the cli, which way do you suggest? maapi_cli_printf 、maapi_user_message or some other function? the print efficiency must be taken into account , since the “debug message” is too many and frequently.