Default behaviour of List


Can anyone please explain how list node will appear in CLI?

Consider the example,

    list timers {
      key "holdtime";
      leaf holdtime {
        type holdtime-type;
      leaf keepalive {
         type keepalive-type;

i.e., ‘tailf:cli-suppress-mode’ is used not to create a mode of the list node.
So when we use this extension, will the node appear as below?

(config)#timers 120 keepalive 180

And if we do not use the extension, will it show as below?
(config-timers)#120 keepalive 180

Without extension if will be:

(config)#timers 120
(config-timers-120)#keepalive 180

(one is still inside list element with key 120)

with extesion

(config)#timers 120 keepalive 180

(always on top)

Hi mnovak,

Thanks for your response:)