Deriving from identity

Hi Community,

In the RFC identity is defined as abstract, and untyped (among global and unique). Furthermore, identities can be derived in order to create new identities or types (typedef).
My question is whether it is possible to define type for a derived identity, meaning to give my derived identity a type such as string/boolean/integer/etc?

Something like this (or using typedef in some way):
identity equipment-detected {
base al:alarm-type-id;
type string;


No. And I can’t see that it would have any purpose, since an identity can only be referenced from the base statement of either the definition of another identity, or the definition of an identityref type - i.e. there’s no way that this “added type” could have any effect. Note also that an identity is an identifier (, i.e. it has a quite restricted syntax (e.g. it can’t be an integer).