Deviation on state object

So far I have only seen deviation statement used in configuration objects.
I have one application and it is common between two different boards. Let say I have one table in odb (1 state object with multiple leaves).
For one board all state object leaves are supported and application can update state object freely.

On the other board not all leaves are supported. For those unsupported leaves my object in state database should never get updated, and I want to use deviation statement for this purpose. if my application on this board, by mistake, tries to set those leaves then I would like to confd refuse such requests.

is it possible to use deviations on odb objects?

Use of the feature & if-feature statements is a better choice for your use case. ConfD will insure that your application code and any northbound interfaces can’t access unsupported leafs (nodes defined with if-feature when feature isn’t listed) in your data model at run time.