Diff a target configuration with candidate configuration


Is there a way I can get the difference between candidate configuration with a specific target configuration (e.g running or a xml file), through CLI or Netconf?

With NETCONF, the comparison is done outside of NETCONF.
The ConfD CLI support this a bit differently depending on which style you use, e.g. C- or J-style. Both support comparing configuration with running and showing a diff, while J-style also support comparing with a J-style config file. If you want the file diff functionality with C-style I believe you would have to add such a command through an action or the clispec.

Thanks for the reply.

In J Style CLI, I enter “config shared”, then run “compare running”. Does that mean compare the candidate configuration with running configuration?

bash-4.2# /usr/confd/bin/confd_cli -J
root@test 05:52:12> configure shared
root@test 05:52:12> compare running