Difference between merge and replace attribute in edit-config

hi experts,

Can you please explain with an example, what is the difference between ‘Merge’ and ‘Replace’ attribute of “Edit-config” operation??
I could not understand from RFC 6241 Section 7.2

I think the main difference is when elements that exist in the current config are removed in the new config; merge - the elements are left in the config, replace - the elements are removed from the config.

hi ,

let say i want to edit ISIS hello-time from 40 to 60.
Now, does it make any difference whether i use ‘merge’ or ‘replace’ ??

Yes, with the edit-config replace operation you will replace everything except the new configuration in the edit-config, i.e. in your use-case

  • Replace: “ISIS hello-time” is changed from 40 to 60. Everything else in your configuration is deleted.
  • Merge: nothing is deleted. “ISIS hello-time” is changed from 40 to 60