Display message as a foot-note after displaying table data

After displaying table data (show command), I want the CLI to display a note to the user. How can I achieve this?


Name Role
Kevin Administrator
Gary Operator
Kelly User

**This table does not display Read-only users

So, I need the “**This table does not display Read-only users” to be displayed at the end of my show command output.


If string contents is only a static text, you can try e.g. “tailf:cli-show-template-footer” annotation for yang list.
This is described with more details in the user guide, or man page for tailf_yang_cli_extensions.


Hi Thanks,

The string contents are static. However, I believe if I am using cli-show-template-footer it works only if I also use cli-show-template?

sorry for late response.

Yes, when using cli-show-template-footer() (or -header), you should enable the template display mode using the cli-show-template().

If you don’t want to manually specify all the elements in show template, you can use e.g. “$(item|show)” as the contents of the wrapping show-template.

“item” in this case is the name of container/list that we define the show template for…