Docker image with confd working availble

Hey Mods,

I have a docker image with working free version of confd 6.1,
can I release it to docker hub (public repository)?

wondering if its OK according to tail-f policies ?

It will help newbies get onboard quicker :smile:

It depends on what you’re asking…

a) If you are embedding ConfD Basic within a product, following the licensing guidelines in the ConfD Basic license around what may redistributed within a product, then you may distribute that product.

b) If you asking the redistribute the entire ConfD Basic SDK, then you may not do that. That would be a violation of the ConfD Basic license. The ConfD Basic SDK may only be downloaded via Cisco DevNet where the user agrees to the one-click license agreement.

In your ConfD Basic distribution archive, there is a PDF version of the ConfD License which was agreed to when you downloaded ConfD Basic from DevNet.

If you have additional questions regarding the ConfD Basic license, please, contact and someone will contact you to discuss further.

got the answer to my question , thanks