Does confD support to unsubscribe and subscribed keypath?

Does confD support to unsubscribe and subscribed keypath ?

No. The easiest way is to ignore given subscription point and not request modifications or diff for it.


What about re-subscription ? now suppose i have done subscription for 10 node. and dynamically i want to add more subscription at run time then how to do that. As we know that once cdb_subscription_done is called
we can not call cdb_subscribe2 again on same subscription socket.

Close and re-open the subscription socket.

Pseudo code example:

  // Do something
  subsock = socket(PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0);
  cdb_connect(subsock, CDB_SUBSCRIPTION_SOCKET, (struct sockaddr*)&addr, sizeof (struct sockaddr_in));
  cdb_subscribe(subsock, 1, my__ns, &mysubpoint, "/my/path");

Yes. That can be done.
I was looking for modify subscription list kind of functionality. where suppose i have subscribed 5 nodes
now at run time due to some scalability i may need to reduce few subscription or need to add few more subscription without closing current subscription socket redoing subscription for already added subscription.

From my study it dont seem possible and we have only way to do as you mentioned.
is it limitation of confD basic and may be available in confD premium ?

You can for example do something like open up a new subscription socket with the remaining+new subscriptions and close the old socket when the new one is up.