Does module name change impact the confd in running time?

If I have a design which have multiple modules, e.g.: a.yang, b.yang, c.yang … The design works well.

For some reasons, I have to change all module and submodule names. I also change the yang file name (since module/submodule name need to be consistent with file name), and all corresponding changes for keyword import , include , belongs-to. But I don’t change any inner structures inside the module.

After compile and load, I wonder whether these module names change will bring any changes to confd during running time ?

My understanding is there will be no changes in netconf request/ response, confd_cli operation. But want to confirm that.


If that’s the only changes you make then no, there will be no changes to the config, oper data etc. Of course there will be lots of changes besides that, i.e. the module names announced in the hello message and yang-library etc.