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Does NMDA is supported for ConfD 7.3 basic version?

Do we need to do any specific configuration to support it.

The only config added with NMDA in 7.3 is related to the CLI:


7.4 (~July) may add some more config.
See the ConfD 7.3 examples.confd/nmda for an NMDA python example.

Thanks cohult for the information…!!

Hi Cohult,

Thanks again for the previous reply.
I have few more queries :

  1. What are the NMDA gaps in the release 7.3 ? Can i get the list or specific mentioned in User Guide
  2. What is planned to be part of V7.4 ConfD Basic version.
  3. Can i maintain 2 yang version files say (Ietf-interfaces.yang [ pre-nmda]
    Ietf-interfaces.yang [supporting NMDA] and compilation will work.



  1. See confd-basic-7.3/CHANGES and search for “NMDA”. In addition, if you want to store NMDA operational-state data in the CDB operational datastore you must map data there using callpoints and a second config false copy of the YANG model. A demo on how to do so will be available on the ConfD GitHub in a week or two.
  2. Looks like origin and CDB operational datastore support + at least one more example will be added.
  3. Not if you don’t give one of them a different namespace and (preferably) prefix name.