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[Errno 111] Connection refused



I just started working on confd. Started confd with command

       confd --foreground --verbose

Confd started with following end statement

Starting to listen for NETCONF SSH on myIP:2022
Starting to listen for NETCONF TCP on myIP:2023
Starting to listen for CLI SSH on myIP:2024
ConfD started vsn: 6.4

When I execute ‘netconf-console --hello’

it gives me

Failed to connect to localhost: [Errno 111] Connection refused

Did I miss anything ? Please help.


Hello, please can you test with netconf-console-tcp ?

In confd.conf ypu need to enable TCP transport



I get Connection refused error

netconf-console-tcp --hello
Failed to connect to localhost: [Errno 111] Connection refused

Already edited confd.conf



The problem is that if you configure a specific IP-address (other than in confd.conf, you can’t (per standard socket semantics) connect to it with as target address (which is what netconf-console does per default, as can be seen from the “Failed to connect to localhost” error).

I.e. either configure the wildcard address like the examples do for the SSH transport, i.e. <ip></ip> (but use only loopback <ip></ip> for TCP transport since there is no authentication) - or give the specific IP address you configured with the --host option to netconf-console, e.g. --host=


Thanks, that helped. I have set ip to

Question - myip is the IP address of confd running server.

I have changed following tags as well. Should I change them to ?