Error during commit

i am running confd-6.4.2
I am often seeing this error

Prompt01(config)# commit and-quit
Aborted: the configuration database is locked by session none
Prompt01(config)# exit

the show confd-state shows no lock taken

show confd-state | include lock
read-locks 0
write-lock-set false
subscription-lock-set false

Any specific reason why confd is not allowing me to commit? How do i debug it further ?

Can some one give me a hint on this error ?


looks like CDB is locked. (By some application?) Did you look into ConfD devel.log and confd.log?
There may be some indication which application locked the CDB.

Are there any steps to reproduce the issue? Is it reproducible with one of the example application supplied with ConfD, or is it reproducible only in your application/environment?

Hi mnovak,

There is no error in the devel.log, if there is any lock take i would assume show confd-state | include lock would show the lock taken right ?

Moreover "Aborted: the configuration database is locked by session none ", Session None, is more confusing…


did you try to reproduce with one of examples supplied with ConfD.

I assume this is related to your application. Since there is no information in the devel.log, confd.log, I suggest your open RT ticket and provide error logs so ConfD developers can examine internal calls. The error logs can be enabled in confd.conf- element /confdConfig/logs/errorLog (see man page for confd.conf or ConfD User Guide).