Error in running 1-2-3 example in Confd basic

We are getting below error when we do make all in 1-2-3-start-query-model example. Here is the error

[User : 1-2-3-start-query-model]$ make all
…/…/…/bin/confdc --fail-on-warnings -c -o dhcpd.fxs dhcpd.yang
…/…/…/bin/confdc: line 37: /home/hdandepp/CnfdInstaller/home/hdandepp/confd-8.0.9/lib/confd/erts/bin/confdexec: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
…/…/…/bin/confdc: line 37: /home/hdandepp/CnfdInstaller/home/hdandepp/confd-8.0.9/lib/confd/erts/bin/confdexec: Success
make: *** […/…/…/src/confd/build/ dhcpd.fxs] Error 126

I am using confd-basic-8.0.9.darwin.x86_64. Can anyone please help to resolve?

PS: I am new to Linux, so if it is any permission issue, i am not aware

Harsha D

Hi Harsha,

You have mentioned that you are new to Linux and you are running the Darwin build of ConfD, shouldn’t you be running the Linux distribution of ConfD instead? That may have been the reason why the executable was unable to run.



Hi Waitai,
Thats correct. I could able to execute my bin files. Thanks for the input.