Error in using set-hook for leafref


I am using openconfig-system.yang file. Following is pyang output for dns servers

    +--rw servers
       +--rw server* [address]
          +--rw address    -> ../config/address
          +--rw config
          |  +--rw address? 

I want to autofil /servers/server{address}/config/address based on /servers/server{address}. To achieve this we have done following annotation

tailf:annotate "/oc-sys:dns/oc-sys:servers/oc-sys:server" {
    tailf:callpoint address-hook {
        tailf:set-hook node;

I am getting below error when tried to configure dns server. I would like to commit without entering config/address. I could see callpoint listed in confd internal callpoints. But actual code is not hitting.

devel-c create error {application, ""} for callpoint 'address-hook' path /oc-sys:dns/servers/server{}
config# dns servers server 
Error: failed to create path - application error

Any help is appreciated.


Further debugging we identified it is some synchronization issue of application with newly added schema.
Issue has been solved and we can close this.